Shannon Arredondo

Portfolio Management Assistant

When Shannon is not at the office or keeping up with her young daughter, she can usually be found tending her yard, participating in a local 5K, or enjoying time with her pets. Shannon, a lifelong dog lover, adopted a rescue in 2015. As a result of her daughter’s love for reptiles, (she has no idea where that originated) she is now the owner of two bearded dragons. Mushu came home as her daughter’s birthday present, and Viper was also a rescue.

In 2000, Shannon decided to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather and uncle by enlisting in the Marine Corps. She proudly served on active duty for 11 years. In late 2013, she returned to her hometown of Bartow and chose to focus on completing her bachelor’s degree. Shannon graduated from Florida Southern College in 2015 and joined CPS in 2020.

As a Portfolio Management Assistant, Shannon is responsible for initiating asset transfers as well as establishing and maintaining accounts.