Posted on February 28, 2017 in

Every day CPS Investment Advisors strives to improve the lives of the clients we serve and the community we live in.  Earlier this month, team members received a chance to touch the lives of young men who are being mentored on how to live successful lives.

More than a dozen teenagers are participating in a program called “Men of Tomorrow.” The Mu Zeta Lambda chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity coordinates it, which has positively impacted more than 500 young men and their families over the years. The program takes them through a yearly learning course and includes a graduation and scholarship program. Many of the youth do not have a male role model at home, so the fraternity has stepped in to help inspire these teenagers. The young men we met attend various high schools in the area.

Recently, CPS Investment Advisors hosted the “Men of Tomorrow” for a financial training seminar. During the event, CPS employees, Jim Luffman, Michael Ehlenbeck, Derek Oxford and Sherrie Morgan spoke about the importance of education, attaining a college degree and setting positive, attainable goals.

Mark Thomas, the Program Coordinator, said the presentation made a lasting impression on the group. He says there are many successful adults, including Wayne Gandy, who graduated from the program. Grady is a former college and professional football player who was an offensive tackle in the NFL for fifteen seasons.

Lakeland City Commissioner, Phillip Walker, is a founding member of the local fraternity and helped start “Men of Tomorrow” in the 1980’s after being raised by a single parent. Walker says, “I see the significance. I know it’s important to have a mentor, especially a male role model in your life. We can help them stay the course because it’s easy to get off track. We need people to encourage us along the way.”

The main speaker of the event, Rob Sansome, gave a presentation on “True Wealth,” a banking concept to teach young people how to keep, invest, donate and spend properly. All those who participated were eager to learn, listened and were very interested in the topic.

This event truly does highlight the concept, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Encouraging a young person can help build their future, giving them a positive incentive to always do their best.