Posted on September 14, 2017 in

Financial Security for Freedom Fighters

After 26 years of active duty in the Air Force, including tours in Vietnam and Desert Storm, Colonel Gary Clark has a new mission: helping veterans plan their finances to provide financial security for their families. As a financial planner with CPS Investment Advisors, Clark is dedicated to helping those who protect our country’s independence achieve their own financial independence.

Of all segments of society, Clark says veterans should be the most successful at financial planning for their future as the military instills discipline, work ethic and goal achievement. They understand the value of mission achievement, which can be carried out in every day civilian life. But not every veteran comes home to a simple life. Many deal with challenges and struggles.

If you don’t have financial security, it’s never too late to turn your situation around.

Retirement planning can be accomplished by taking some simple steps. Clark says no matter what a veteran is dealing with, understanding limitations on what is essential is a “military mission essential.” It’s simple, to achieve financial security, debt should be controlled or eliminated. Veterans should find out every benefit to help them save money to allocate towards retirement. Pay yourself first is an often heard mantra in the financial world.

Clark says few veterans are versed enough to understand the finer points of investing. For one, they should be skeptical of investment products including insurance they don’t understand or something that sounds too good to be true. Thankfully, time in the service has taught them the value of objective examination and to find the best help to solve a problem. Clark says, “Self-surgery for an appendix removal is unwise, and the same goes for financial security self-planning. Professional assistance is essential.”

According to Clark, there are six basic principles veterans need to remember to achieve financial security and build lasting wealth. Acceptance of responsibility, establishing a plan, staying out of debt, communication, adequate savings and investing with objective rational thought. If you’re a veteran who wants to make this your new mission, we advise meeting with a trusted advisor who can help you develop a strategic, goal driven retirement plan. You’ve served and protected our country, now it’s time for you to secure your financial freedom.