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Prioritize Paying Yourself First

Odds are, you arrange your “to do” list to align with the order of the day. For example, your “To Do” list may look like the following:

1) Call that large client.

2) Attend a lunchtime network event.

3) Host several afternoon meetings.

4) Go to the gym after work.

After a long day of calling clients, attending a network event, and hosting several meetings, you may decide that it is ok to push off going to the gym to another day. Saving money is no different.

It’s is easy to push off the items at the bottom of your “To Do” list.

If you are having trouble saving money, it is probably at the bottom of your “To Do” list. For most, saving money is not enjoyable. Much like working out after work, it is easy to “reschedule to tomorrow.” “Or, next week” “Or, the week after” So, how do we fix this?

Turn your “To Do” list upside down!

If working out is something you really want to do. Start your day with a workout! By doing this, you increase the probability that it will actually get it done. (This is easier said than done! But, you get the idea.) Likewise, if you truly want to save money, PAY YOURSELF FIRST. Set the money aside that is dedicated to building your wealth, on the day you are paid, then pay for everything else. By doing this, you increase the probability that you will actually save. Otherwise, as your busy day/week unravels, you may not have the ability or motivation to save what you intended to. Sometimes changing something as simple as when you do it, can make a huge difference. So… give it a try next pay period, flip your “To Do” list, and pay yourself first!

Sterling J. Searcy, Jr. | CPA
Senior Tax Advisor