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Business 401(k) Plans


  • We provide direct access to a local CPS Advisor for all employee questions. Let us be the experts so your team does not have to be.
  • Plans are specifically tailored to meet the ongoing needs of your business to help maximize tax savings and increase opportunities to grow wealth.
  • Our transparent and competitive fees are structured so our interests are aligned with yours, and you know exactly what, and who, you are paying.
  • CPS will maintain the daily operations of the plan so you can focus on your business.
  • Our fiduciary duty sets us apart from our competition holding us to the highest standards of ethics and prudence in the investment world. Our legal responsibility provides you peace of mind.



  • Employees have direct access to a local CPS Advisor for ongoing and comprehensive financial planning and investment advice.
  • A well-tailored plan provides an opportunity for employees to grow their wealth and effectively save for retirement.
  • By having lower fees, more of your participants retirement savings stays invested and continue to work for them.
  • Our process allows employees to personalize their investment approach by providing simple options that work. We take the guesswork out of the equation and never leave them stranded in a sea of choices and fees.
  • As fiduciaries, the investment and financial planning advice we provide your employees will always be in their best interests…never our own.


Business 401(k) Plans Human Connection


A dedicated local advisor will walk with you through the process of setting up or transitioning your retirement plan. At no point will participants need to dial a 1-800 number for assistance as our team is completely local. Ongoing in-person education and comprehensive financial planning is available for all participants.

Business 401(k) Plans Custom Plan Design


Our open-architecture approach allows our highly credentialed team to uniquely design retirement plans best suited for your business.

Business 401(k) Plans Transparent & Comprehensive Fees


As an independent investment firm, we are not bound by a specific family of funds, and our recommendations are always driven by what is best for you.

Business 401(k) Plans Check The Box


After years of implementing and managing retirement plans, we have developed a simple, yet effective, way for participants to enroll and have their investments professionally managed, reducing the strain on your team.

Business 401(k) Plans 3(38) Fiduciary

5 | 3(38) FIDUCIARY

Our team absorbs the highest level of liability allowed under ERISA, removing any investment fiduciary burden from the business owner. We are legally and ethically obligated to act in the best interest of you and your employees.

We deliver comprehensive advice that empowers
your employees to reach their retirement goals.

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