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The Consummate Advisor

The holiday season can be filled with togetherness and relaxation, but it can also be a time to reflect on your financial plan. Have you done everything necessary to start or amend your plan? Did you miss any financial goals you expected to meet this year? Make time this holiday season to reflect on these financial matters. It may be time to find an advisor who can assist you in getting on track.

“More than 1 and 3 Americans have ‘no idea’ how much they need for retirement.” | 2021 Acorns Poll

Inflows and Outflows

Saving starts with looking at what you earn and what you spend. A savings rule of thumb is that you cannot spend more than what you make. Unfortunately, a large percentage of Americans are unable to think long-term vs. the day-to-day, or outside the paycheck-to-paycheck mentality. You can’t reach financial independence successfully if you aren’t sure where your money is going.

Planning for the Future

Retirement savings is simpler now than it used to be just a decade ago. An advisor can maneuver through rules and regulations because they understand the intricacies of a variety of plans and how they operate. Whether an advisor is helping you determine how much you can save, personally or as a business owner, discussing which plan fits your needs is crucial for savings, both for retirement and taxation purposes.

How We Can Help

We encourage you to sit down with your financial advisor; to discuss items like inflows, outflows, workplace retirement plans, estate planning, goal-saving, and specificities on investments. We are actively aware of the market and how it affects a larger picture, your plan.

We take care of your financial plan, so you can focus on what is important to you. It’s our job to know the details and how we can help your reach financial independence. Two of every three Americans have a retirement plan in place, but only 25% of Americans work with an advisor. You may find that seeking a trusted advisor is just what you need to kick start or renew your financial plan. We’re here to help.

Source: FinanceBuzz Retirement Survey, October 2021

Derek M. Oxford | CFP®, AEP®
Financial Advisor