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Esther A. Barnette

Esther A. Barnette

Executive Administrator

Esther joined CPS Investment Advisors after moving to Lakeland from Dade City, Florida, where she was born and raised. It was in May of 1990 that she was hired as our Receptionist and has worked her way up to her current position as the Executive Administrator for the Partners of the firm. Because of her numerous years of service, she is often referred to as “the Queen” of CPS.

Although she wears many different CPS hats, her primary job duties are providing clerical, operational and personal support to the Partners, Federal & State compliance, Employee & Trustee audits, client relations, providing staff support and assisting in the training and daily functions of our Money Management department and CPAlliance™ program.

Esther assists our Chief Compliance Officer, Peter Golotko, with compliance reporting and attends conferences on the subject of regulation for investment advisors.  It’s not the most exciting topic to learn about, but hotels and locations of the conferences are always 5 Star!

Esther has a tendency to smile a lot and likes to have fun at work and at play.  She enjoys spending time with her loving husband, Boyce and rocking out to 80’s music with her daughter, Sarah.  Her favorite pastimes are boating, hanging out with friends and traveling.