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Josué D. Blanco

Josué D. Blanco

Portfolio Analyst

Born in San José, Costa Rica, and raised in Lakeland, FL, it makes sense that Josué’s second language is English but not so much that he grew up a die-hard Indiana sports fan; so much so that he named his dog, Vinatieri. When he’s not punching in trades, researching the markets, and analyzing portfolios, you can find him out on the pickleball courts, coaching youth soccer, walking around the nearest farmer’s market, out on the golf course trying to keep a respectable pace of play, keeping up to date on all things sports, or perhaps even running a race with his friends that he definitely didn’t fully train for.

The point is: Josué enjoys being around friends and spending time with his family, regardless of the activity!

Josué’s passion for finance came from his parents and close family friends. From a young age he enjoyed looking at markets move (as in literally watching the red and green numbers move, nothing special there), but as he reached high school and took on an investments project, Josué found a new hobby, and that’s all it became for the time being. Like any little brother, Josué saw his older brother become an engineer, so he wanted to be an engineer. As it turns out, math was not invigorating enough, but somehow economics was. He figured that if he spent this much time into one of his hobbies, then perhaps its what he should do with his life. Go figure. In 2020, Josué graduated from Florida Southern College with a degree in Economics and Finance. A hobby had become reality.

Future professional plans for Josué include a Chartered Financial Analyst designation and perhaps even a Masters of Securities Analysis. On a more exciting note, he will be getting married in May of 2023!