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Rachael A. Saviñon

Rachael A. Saviñon


Rachael’s sense of adventure and love for nature began at a young age. A twin, and youngest of eight siblings (nine total) raised by a single dad, she recalls a hectic childhood. Rachael was versatile in her younger years, an athlete but also loved to sing. Coordinating who got the car, competing for rides to soccer practice and chamber choir rehearsal were routine struggles. But the biggest struggle came early in her life, at age 6, with the passing of her mother, and it was this event that would shape Rachael’s perspective. From then on, she was determined to live a life of gratitude, always try to see the glass half full, and take every opportunity to treasure the ones you love.
Despite her busy but happy home life, the occasional getaway from the revolving door of her house was necessary. Like most homegrown Floridians, Rachael chose to escape to the water. Lake Henderson in Inverness Florida is where she would always find peace. Floating in the solace of the cypress trees and unforgettable sunsets was and are the reason this place will always be regarded as most special to Rachael. So special, in fact, it’s where she and her now husband, Leo, decided to marry. In 2014 They exchanged vows at the end of her father’s dock on Lake Henderson with a small group of family.
Fast forward to two kids, three dogs, four Guinee pigs and a cat. Rachael’s life is no less hectic now than it was back then, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Now she can enjoy her outdoor adventures with her family and sing Journey covers to an audience of two (her kids) while waiting in car line before school. Rachael has grown to treasure these moments as gifts that remind her to continue to see the good whenever possible and reinforce her “glass half full” mentality. Though it wasn’t always easy, Rachael learned to thrive in the chaos of life by grounding herself with faith, humility, and an overwhelming sense of gratitude.
Rachael was determined to ensure others found the peace and joy she knew was out there. Armed with a B.S. in Human Services from Southeastern University, experience in case management, banking and finance Rachael concluded the best way to accomplish this was to help others find financial freedom. With education and guidance, she would assist clients in navigating the complexities of investing and informed financial decision-making. This path led her to present-day when she accepted the role of CPAlliance Assistant Director at CPS Investment Advisors. Now she is partnering with CPA’s and tax firms who wish to include Financial Planning in their practice, walking with them every step of the way.