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Rachael A. Saviñon


 A twin, and youngest of eight, Rachael recalls a hectic but happy childhood. She was versatile in her youth, an athlete, but also loved to sing. Coordinating who got the car, competing for rides to soccer practice and chamber choir rehearsal were routine struggles. But the real struggle had yet to come. Rachael was 6 when her mother passed, and it was this event that would shape her perspective, understanding life as a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted. From then on, she was determined to live a life of gratitude, experience the world and life to the fullest, and take every opportunity to treasure the ones she loves. 

Born with a sense of adventure and love for the outdoors Rachael’s escape from the hustle and bustle of life was always the water, be it a Lake, river, or ocean, made no difference her. However, there was one special place that trumped all the rest. Lake Henderson. Rachael could always find peace here, floating in the quiet of the cypress trees, with backdrops of indescribable sunsets. Here is where she and her now husband, Leo, decided to marry. In 2014 They exchanged vows at the end of her father’s dock on Lake Henderson with a small group of family and friends. 

First came love, then marriage, a house, some pets, and a couple of kids. Rachael’s life is no less hectic, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. These days, Rachael enjoys adventuring with her family. She still loves to sing, but now it’s to an audience of two (her kids) while waiting in car line before school. It wasn’t always easy, but she’s some-how learned to thrive in the chaos of life, grounding herself with faith, humility, and an overwhelming sense of gratitude. 

To pay it forward, Rachael believed that life’s blessings would best be shared by serving others. Armed with a B.S. in Human Services from Southeastern University, experience in case management, banking and finance, Rachael’s journey led her to those searching for financial freedom. With education and guidance, she would help clients navigate the complexities of investing. A few steps further down this path brings her to present-day acting as the CPAlliance™ Assistant Director at CPS Investment Advisors, specialized in building an industry of trusted CPA Financial Planners.