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Samuel Camilo

Samuel Camilo

Portfolio Analyst

Being the son of two immigrant parents and seeing them sacrifice to give him an opportunity, Sam has always been aware of how hard people work to support their families. So, in middle school when he found out about investing and passive income through a stock simulator game, he felt excitement and an immediate need to become financially literate and help others do the same.

Sam is a dedicated Portfolio Analyst, USF graduate, adventurer, and lifelong learner whose ambition is to assist people to reach their dreams and financial goals. Since joining CPS in March of 2021, Sam was awarded the Investment Foundations certificate by the CFA institute. He is currently studying for his Series 65 license and aspires to become a Chartered Financial Analyst.

His dream is to help people become financially free so they do not have to worry about money and can live life to the fullest paying attention to the things that really matter in this short life. When not at work you can find Sam at the gym, traveling, reading a book, making YouTube videos as Adventure Sam, and experiencing the best that life has to offer.